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Introducing photography & videography with Todd Starr

We’re really pleased to announce a new member to our eclectic team bringing his amazing skills in photography and videography; Todd Starr

Todd runs his business, Focus Digital, in Nelson and brings a new strand to the media we can offer in supporting our clients marketing.

Good photography is incredibly important in promoting your products, team and services on the web and can make all the difference to how your web site you’ve invested in presents itself; it can be the difference between attracting clients in and not.  However, many shy away from it as an expensive service that a mate can achieve on the cheap. Todd combines a keen eye for detail in his photography with local knowledge and at prices that work for local and small businesses.

Videos are rapidly dominating the web for creating dynamic adverts, instructional and training guides and many other purposes.  Those who can afford them are winning over those who lag behind and again it has to do with budget or the perception of high cost in creating these videos.  Todd again brings a very reasonable new service that local and small businesses can afford while being more obsessive than most about the detail of his video editing and the messages he is trying to get across for your business.  His immense pride in the end result shows through in every video.

Turn To Stone

Todd's Show Real

So if you’re looking form photography or videos for your web site contact us now.  Or for more details on Todd’s services click here

Stephen Smith

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