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Is Your Business Missing a Huge Opportunity?

Is Your Business Missing a Huge Opportunity?

Over 97% of businesses in New Zealand are small or medium in size, which means that collectively they are a significant part of the economy. A recent article in the New Zealand Herald article discussed a survey by Yellow, which highlighted some interesting facts about internet use or lack of it, amongst these businesses.

Given that 57% of the population use the Internet on a regular basis to look up businesses and services, a figure that rises on an annual basis, it would seem logical that businesses would want to tap into such an extensive marketing tool. In fact a significant proportion of consumers only use the Internet.

However, over half of the small and medium sized businesses surveyed do not currently have a website.

In our experience, business owners who don’t have a website are concerned about:

blue-mouse-icon   The cost of developing a website

dk-green-pen-icon   Their ability to edit and maintain website content

clock-icon   Their time – it’s just another thing to fit in to an already busy schedule


Understanding hosting


Websites have moved on significantly and it no longer needs to cost you the earth to have a professional, modern and easy to navigate website – one that actually works for you.

It is nice to have a bespoke design, but if budget is restricted you can choose a theme, and by editing options within the theme your website can transform to reflect your own brand.

Slightly Different Ltd offers a FreeStart package – this is a free WordPress website, and the package includes:

  • A free website design by choosing from the huge choice of free templates available
  • Your existing logo put into the design
  • A free content management and blogging system using WordPress.
  • The ability for you to add as many pages to your web site as you like
  • Upload and include in your site images, music, videos, PDFs and other files
  • Get blogging from day one and link to social media
  • A variety of Search Engine Optimisation tools available and a system search engines love
  • A choice of hundreds of free to install plugins to add new features to your site

You pay annual web hosting at $295 + GST per annum, and there is no charge for the website.  You are not tied to the hosting after the first year – you can move your website away if you choose.

Editing and updating your website will be easy.  If not, you don’t have to pay developers rates.  Take a look at our SmarterAdmin services – we can take all of this off your hands at a significantly lower price.

Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at some examples of FreeStart websites and judge for yourself.  It might not be as daunting or as expensive as you thought.

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