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Potton and Burton

The Brief

Craig Potton Publishing has changed it’s name to Potton and Burton. With the change of name they asked us to rebuild their web site bringing a cleaner, more modern look and incorporating their new brand.

In response to the increased use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets, they also wanted a responsive design to optimise viewing.  To enable them to fully utilise these new features, they need more control over their site and online marketing efforts within the site admin.

Our Solution

Our solution was to create them a new site based on WordPress for the general CMS, and OpenCart for the eCommerce. Both were built around a common responsive design to give a seamless experience to the end user. We also built a level of integration between the two platforms into the admin system in order to allow products from OpenCart to be displayed within WordPress content.  We then migrated all 1200 products from their old Magento site to OpenCart, along with all their customer details and orders, whilst they handled the migration of the content themselves.

Potton and Burton now have access to edit all areas of their site within the design, and can carry out their own SEO work.

Click here to view the website.

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