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Give your website a boost of amazingness!

Good photography and videos are incredibly important in promoting your products, team and services on the web and can make all the difference to how the website you’ve invested in presents itself; it can be the difference between attracting clients or not.

Many of us shy away from professional photography and videos for our web sites, considering it an expensive service that a mate can achieve on the cheap. Now you don’t have to.

Great Text

Yes, text is still essential. Not all of us like reading text or have the time to do so but many people still do; especially search engines. More commonly, once an image has got your attention the text then gets read. Good, readable text is still essential!

Clean Photography

Images have long been used to draw attention on the web and will always do so. The difference between a professionally taken picture and one you might, with all best intentions, take yourself can mean the difference between attracting the right attention or not and this reflects professionally on your business.


Videos are becoming more and more popular on web sites. They don’t replace text or photographs; some people love them, others haven’t got time to watch them. However a well placed video that is clean, concise and professional can add a lot for many viewers. If you’re going to use video, do so wisely.

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