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Web Site Admin Services

All the best intentions but you never get around to marketing and looking after your web site?

We can help with maintaining content, doing software updates, marketing via social media & Google Advertising and search engine optimisation. Whatever you need a hand with, we can do as much or as little as you need.

What we do

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a term we often hear.  We know it relates to websites, and that it is something we ought to be doing.  It is a term that either evokes boredom or panic in most small business owners.

Why does Search Engine Optimisation matter? Without it there is little chance of anyone ever finding the lovely new website you have just invested in.

Online Marketing & Social Media

Social Media is an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses large and small, and often works well in conjunction with your website.

WordPress Updates

WordPress websites, like any other software or content management system (CMS), benefits from regular software updates.

We follow some simple and robust processes, including a full backup of your website before we start. We have technical backup to hand.  No hassle, no heartache and minimal to no website down time.

Web Site Admin. Helping you save time - and money.

We don’t just do web admin, we can also help with social media, newsletters, copywriting and web CMS training.

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