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Can you afford to lose your web site to hackers or broken software?

WordPress websites, like any other software or content management system (CMS), benefits from regular software updates. These are released for WordPress itself and for any plugins or themes you may use. You’ve probably seen the number in the top left hand corner of your admin system increasing over time … this is the number of updates available that you haven’t yet installed.

So why should I install them?

Updates normally do one of three things:

  • fix security issues or vulnerabilities that have been found in the software. These are the most important updates as without them applied, your site is likely to be hacked in the future.
  • bug fixes. These are not strictly necessary, but often fix a lot of the ‘niggles’ you have been having when using your website.
  • new functionality. These are not essential, but can be quite important in terms of keeping up with the times, eg Google’s recent release over mobile friendliness.

Why use us for this?

Firstly, have you got time? We have! More importantly, not all updates go smoothly and can sometimes break your website, which the means heartache and a lot more time.

For this reason when we do updates, we follow some simple and robust processes, including a full backup of your website before we start so that if something goes wrong we can quickly roll back the changes. If this occurred we would get a technical team member involved. No hassle, no heartache and minimal to no website down time.

Improvements can also help your website’s performance and download speed.

WP Updates - Basic
$65+ GST per quarter
Our basic package keeps you basically covered.

You may find we occasionally recommend urgent security updates in between quarterly updates.

WP Updates - Pro
$65+ GST per month
With the Pro package we apply updates monthly ensuring your site is kept optimal and as secure as possible.

We would recommend this package for the average website owner.

The above packages apply to average WordPress installations; which is the majority of WordPress websites. Where you have a significant number of plugins or any custom plugins, themes or otherwise we may not be able to carry out the updates in the time allowed. Please enquire if you would like us to quote for your custom site.

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