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Professional websites made super simple
from as little as $1,900 + GST

Have the comfort of knowing that your website can grow with your business without having to start all over again.

WebEasy is based on standard technology and the most popular web site content management system in the market; WordPress. Obviously we’d like to see you stay but if you ever move away the site can be exported for any other designer, developer or host to continue for you.
No more vendor lockin, no more limitations! (?)

  • A beautiful custom design
  • Social media integration including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more
  • Easily add rich media including images, videos, galleries and sound
  • Simple drag and drop content management and form building
  • Options for online shops, membership systems, directories and much more
  • No templates to choose from, we design exactly what you need
  • Search engine ready with full search engine tool suite
  • Managed security
  • Managed software updates
  • Automated Daily backups
  • Optimised for performance
  • Free Cloudflare account with free SSL
  • Robust and simple to use
  • No hidden costs!!!


From free, to fully managed with no hidden costs and ultimately totally custom with no limits WebEasy® is the new way of creating business web sites.


  • The free self help solution
  • We do the technical work
  • You do the style and content
  • Choose from thousands of ready made designs / themes
  • Full WordPress access
  • If you want to upgrade to a fully designed site at any stage, no problem

If you purchase a 12 month BigFish or larger hosting package from us we will install WordPress and your chosen theme, free of charge.

We do the hard work of building a WordPress installation, basic configuration and security configuration. We’ll even advise on choice of theme from a technical standpoint. You just need to upload your logo and content then adjust the theme styles to suit.



  • A basic but beautiful custom design
  • Intended for small / entry level web sites
  • Up to 4 pages included
  • Initial Search Engine Optimisation included
  • Offers all the functionality needed for small sites
  • A locked system to keep it simple and robust
  • Fully managed service
  • Can be upgraded at any time to ProStart or Custom
Design and build$1,900 + GST
Hosting & udpates$295 + GST /year
NZ Domain$29.95 + GST /year
Ongoing SEOoptional, view details
PagesCost includes up to 4 pages *
Additional pages$75 + GST /page * or add your own free

EasyStart is our entry level designed website. Perfect for the small business to get going on the web.

Giving you up to 4 pages included in price, such as Home, Gallery, About and Contact. You then have the ability to add as many of your own pages as you like or have us add more for you on a cost per page basis; only limited by your hosting space! EasyStart is a fully managed, controlled functionality website to keep it simple and robust.

Start here and when you’re ready upgrade to ProStart or Custom.


  • The next level of beautiful and totally custom design
  • Cover the needs of most business web sites
  • Up to 7 pages included
  • Initial Search Engine Optimisation included
  • Options for shops, membership sites, directories and much more
  • Fully managed service
  • Training included
  • Can be upgraded at any time to Custom for full
Design and build$2,900 + GST
Hosting & udpates$295 + GST /year
NZ Domain$29.95 + GST /year
Ongoing SEOoptional, view details
PagesCost includes up to 7 pages *
Additional pages$95 + GST /page * or add your own free

ProStart is our most popular offering! Perfect for normal content driven business websites, membership systems, and shops / ecommerce.

Giving you up to 7 pages included in price, such as Home, Services with sub pages for each services, Shop, Products, Gallery, Testimonials, Staff, About, Contact or whatever you want really.

You then have the ability to add as many of your own pages as you like or have us add more for you on a cost per page basis; only limited by your hosting space! A higher level of design, a much better choice of functionality from a very carefully selected and vetted list of plugins (apps).


  • Full design process and custom theme build
  • Unlimited design elements within the content
  • Unlimited functionality and if WordPress can’t do it we’ll program a custom plugin (app) which will
  • Unlimited content
  • Benefit from years of experiance integrating 3rd party software like Xero, Vend, MailChimp, WHMCS and more
  • Training included
  • The only limit is your imagination!
Design and buildfrom $4,500 + GST
Hosting$295 + GST /year
NZ Domain$29.95 + GST /year
Ongoing SEOoptional, view details
Software updatesoptional, view details

This is a totally individual custom installation and build of WordPress with unlimited everything (design, functionality, content, etc) based on what your needs and wants are.

It is intended for those businesses with very specific requirements and beyond those that are offered in EasyStart or ProStart. Whether that is a very complex design to corporate brand guidelines, specific design elements within the content, a high end shop with fully loaded functionality or your own social network.

N.B. Custom sites are not hosted on one of our WebEasy® networks so the hosting does not include updates and ongoing software and security management.

Future-proof your website

Worried you might be going up a dead-end with your website, costing you money when you know you’re going to have to start again later when you can afford it? There are some great self-help website systems out there now like Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, AirSquare and Shopify but what happens when you want something that isn’t included? You start ramping up the monthly costs for add-on modules or, even worse, come to a dead-end and have to start again with a new system that allows you to do what you want.

All our systems are based on the one great website content management system, WordPress. WordPress is the most used website Content Management System (CMS) in the world (60% of all websites using CMS according to W3Techs). WordPress is developed using PHP, the most popular and portable programming language on the web (83% of all websites using server side programming according to W3Techs). Can be moved around and hosted by pretty much all hosting companies and can be developed by pretty much all web design and development agencies.

So using WordPress you are not stuck with us for design, development or hosting, the future is your choice! And no matter what, your site is your site – you can move it, add on and develop without ever starting again.

* Additional web page price

The per page price for web pages (included or additional) is subject to all content (photos, text, etc) being provided in a web ready format that can be directly copied into the web site and then laid out by our designers.

It also only covers a “normal” page. Where there are a lot of custom design elements, a complex layout, additional forms or other page features that take significant time we reserve to right to quote for individual pages.

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