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John manages all the projects under development and has had experience in a number of different businesses until he founded Really Different Limited with his wife Rebecca. John first worked as an archaeologist in Colchester in Essex. He then moved to Devon where he studied Fine Art Painting for two years, and staged several one-man exhibitions in and around Devon. John then founded a business designing and making hand-made ceramic tiles. After a ten year gap he went back to college and studied Performing Arts.

After college John worked with Rebecca for Channel4 Films and then extensively on their own creative stage and video projects. After setting up Really Different Limited in 1998 the business has gone from strength to strength becoming well known locally, and beyond, for their wealth of experience and attention to detail. Really Different now have clients all over the world and John deals with all of the development processes ensuring the smooth delivery of the web projects on time and within budget.

In total he has over 30 years of project managing experience which leave him well placed to manage many different types of web projects, large and small alike.

Really Different have been working with Stephen since 1999 and, since establishing Slightly Different Limited in New Zealand, have taken on the management of all UK business.

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