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The Brief

For the past few years, the guys at MethScreen have been discreetly working away testing properties for methamphetamine (commonly known as P) contamination. When it was time for a name change and a rebrand, they came to us for help. Along with advertising their services, they wanted their website to be a place where they could help educate the general public about the dangers of P.

Our Services

We created a SmarterAdmin WordPress website for MethScreen, with a content management system to enable them to edit the site themselves. We set up their blog so they can post information and articles about the importance of screening for meth and we connected their blog to their social media accounts such as Facebook, to make this part of their online strategy as seamless as possible for them. We even created some custom graphics to help them get their messages across.

Take a look at the MethScreen website.

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Sorry but we're actually going to have some time off over Christmas, so will be closed until 24th January.

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