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What are the new requirements?

RAA 2013 now requires all registrars of record to validate the registrant’s postal address and contact email address. This validation process only applies to gTLD domains, and must be completed whenever:

  • a new domain is registered;
  • a domain is transferred into TPP Wholesale; or
  • an update is made to contact details on a domain.

To comply with these new requirements with minimal impact on our resellers, Slightly Different Limited has modified its systems and processes to perform the following actions automatically upon the above-mentioned trigger events:

Email address validation:

Registrants will be sent an email notice (and subsequent reminder notices, if applicable) requesting they validate their email address by clicking on a link within the message. The contact email address must be validated within 15 days or the domain name is at risk of being suspended.

Postal address validation:

Validation will be automatically performed using a third party global address database supplied by Google and a warning will be displayed at the time of entry. If an invalid postal address is submitted, the domain name is at risk of being suspended. This feature is currently being rolled out to all our partners and no further action is required from you.

For full details please see ICANN’s Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities.

Should you fail to comply with any of the obligations imposed by ICANN’s RAA 2013, you will be in breach of your TPP Wholesale Authorised Reseller Agreement.

More information:
View the full 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement at ICANN
Please note that the obligations stated in this notice are not exhaustive.

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