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SSL is now a must for all web sites?

It’s long been recognised that all eCommerce web sites should have an SSL certificate; the thing that makes your site secure with HTTPS and gives you the little green or yellow padlock.

However, what few web site owners know is that SSL is advantageous for all web sites. As well as user confidence, search engines and browsers have for some time now favoured web sites with SSL.  This is now changing again to the extent of almost making SSL mandatory.

there is now less than two months before web browsers and search engines start effectively penalising web sites without SSL

SSL is no longer an option, it’s necessary. Regardless of what kind of site you have, you’ll soon  be penalized by the browser community and search engines for not having encryption.

Already, the browsers are rewarding encrypted sites with SEO ranking boosts and the use of advanced features. But soon, non-encrypted sites will be given negative security indicators and actively labeled “not secure” in the browser address bar.

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