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Our new web site is live, yippee!

Well, it’s been a long time coming but our new web site is finally live!!!  What a relief after a frustrating 6 months of working on everybody else’s web site but never getting our own sorted.

As you’ll see when you, hopefully, checkout our new site we have now split it into three different sites to reflect the direction our business is taking:

Slightly Different Web Hosting

Yep, our web hosting business is now an entity in its own right so gets its own web site.  This is largely a reflection on the fact that it has now grown from being a couple of servers hosting those web sites we develop to a full web hosting provider with servers on three continents across the world and hosting that’s suits any business.

We have also be working to provide a white label hosting solution that designers and developers can resell in order to benefit from the recurring revenue of hosting with no technical knowledge.

So checkout www.slightlydifferent.net.nz

Smarter Admin

www.smarteradmin.co.nz represents the totally new area of our business launched late last and year specialising in everything you should get done once your web site is live, all the admin work:

After all, why have a web site if you’re not going to manage and promote it!  And we just want to make that super easy for you.

Slightly Different Web Design & Development

And last but not least the web site you’re currently viewing; our main web site.  This is now much simpler and a place where we are able to focus on our design and development work.

Over the next year we will be slowly adding to this as we release a number of WordPress Plugins and WHMCS extensions that we’ve been developing but the heart of the site are still our web design and web site development services.

Stephen Smith

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